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Progress! $415 of $2,000

  • $300 - R3van cosplay stream
  • $500 - skpacman 2021 One Chip Challenge
  • $1,000 - skpacman Death Nut 2.0
  • $1,500 - skpacman Death Nut 3.0
  • $2,000 - skpacman "Spicy Surprise"

Thankmas at the Pac Haus!

We're not live right now.

But you can check out these other streamers that are contributing to our little section of the campaign:

Call to action!

Jacksepticeye has put out the call and we're joining the cause to help New Story build 1,000 new 3D printed homes in impoverished areas of the world. Over 1.6 Billion families around the world are without a home. With our help, we can make a sizeable dent in that and help fund new technologies to help end homelessness.

Click the Donate link above to see all of the incentives we have and catch us on our streaming schedule shown on the campaign page!

Our goal as the skpacman community is $2,000 by December 11th!

About New Story

New Story is a charity that is working on building affordable housing using the latest large-scale 3D printing technology. They can print a fully functional, finished home for $10,000, which is unheard of in this day and age. Join us and help us end homelessness, one 3D printed home at a time!

Rewards and Incentives