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Why do I prefer "fan funding"?

With the recent few years being the way they've been, I've decided that if people want to support me, I'll give them as many ways to do so as possible, but not explicitly ask them to do it.

I would much rather be supported by the community I've fostered than vie for attention from a corporate entity or bending to sponsors. That means less money for me overall but a much deeper connection with my community.

That being said, if I'm able to get sponsors it'll only be for things I'm truly passionate about. Lookin' at you Paqui 👀

On Twitch, you can subscribe using your Amazon Prime for FREE, do a regular subscription at $5, $10, or $25 levels, gift subscriptions to other viewers, or give bits. This is an easy and convenient way to support me, but Twitch takes a cut of all of it. Yes, it's convenient but it means less of what you spend actually goes to me. That being said, gifting subs is the #1 way to grow the stream, though. It attracts new viewers and supports the stream at the same time.

Otherwise, check the sublinks in the Support Me section of the navigation panel!