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Random Oomt Words

Ychoax exooxeene wooptoopee eew geeshejyfe grykyrta. Ujiksoo ichakecopt eem uji grojesta uzoamt opeef. Oawums ners ymoo oat gloz.

Oaptoaft pumeeb nisha owoaw ugrush.

Yboo steeftads ephaj nez thykrutods. Hycmur toth uzyngurse ebijeed oorg eewhogne. Apso norgoars shoogn oangorti ythoohev eegleshy avyliwhe moo xensoongiw ptaksi moxe. Tugrybu foawhafe oov udoawhoasi yshot eboo. Alumipt chusto ptisoo phosta thexoamixe ooteedid oaks eegapt wheethoaj oan apeedrosty cewaftassu.

How it works:
It builds the sentences at random lengths of words, random total words per sentence, and random total paragraphs, then concat's them all together and spits them out. As for how it makes them actually pronounceable, there's some smarts in how it sticks a bunch of sounds together, but mostly it just alternates between known character combinations of consonants and vowels. Nothing groundbreaking here.

Came up with a good one? Found an error? Let me know.