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Portfolio & Achievements

Live statistics from their respective platforms are in green, and all link to external pages.
Otherwise, it's just me putting text here.

Articles, News, and Pages where I'm mentioned or featured:

Charity Efforts

My community has raised a total of $2,420.00 on Tiltify supporting New Story, The Trevor Project, AbleGamers Charity, United Way, Joyful Heart Foundation, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and TWLOHA charities.

Streaming Statistics

30 Day Twitch Statistics
  • Grand Total Followers: 6,783
  • Grand Total Views: 23,012
  • 30 Day Watchtime: 2 Days, 20 Hours, and 45 Minutes
  • 30 Day Streamtime: 1 Days, 5 Hours, and 15 Minutes across 11 streams
  • 30 Day Average Viewers (CCV): 2 with a peak viewership of 12
  • I've played 9 unique games in the last 30 days.
   Statistics are updated every 24 hours - Statistics aggrigation by SullyGnome

Personal Achievements

This is stuff that I am personally proud of, not like a "best of" curated list or anything. Just a bunch of stuff that I'm super proud of.
  • Got an Easter Egg in a game - BATIM "Wandering is a Terrible Sin" - 2017
  • Worked directly with Kindly Keyin, Ertyez, FusionZGamer, 8BitNinja, and TheMeatly on several BATIM things 2017-2018
  • Built a cool community on Mixer before their eventual shutdown - 2019
  • Did colorblind mode testing for Manifold Garden under NDA before launch - 2019
  • Ubisoft accepted me as an influencer for Immortals: Fenyx Rising - 2020
  • Helped fund the development of some cool indie games:
    • OMNO
    • What The Golf
    • Soundfall
    • Billie Bust-Up
    • Bendy and The Ink Machine
    • A Fold Apart