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Site Changelog 1/7/2021

Site Changelog 1/7/2021

Man, what a busy couple of weeks!

I've been busy in my downtime (what little I get) working on some backend stuff for the site and OH BOY do I got some big stuff done!

  • Twitch statistics on /portfolio are now aggregated from SullyGnome and stored in my local database every 24 hours. The text you see there is pulled from the database instead of hammering on SullyGnome's private API.
  • Removed YouTube Statistics panel from /portfolio until I find a nice way to pull some kind of statistics. I'll also add other video platforms I'm active/inactive on.
  • Twitch Clips /clips page is now LIVE and is in a workable state. This took several days of work, but I now have a working system that pulls clips every time anyone access the page and once every 24 hours. What's displayed is the last 5 most recent clips made from my viewers, pulled from my database.
  • YouTube Videos now has its own page on /videos where the last 5 videos are shown in reverse chronological order. I may add pagination to this later at some point.
  • New menu item named Media is where the above two pages will live. This is just to keep my menu clean. I may add a "Recent Streams" page there in the future as well.
To Do:
  • Add a decent looking headshot to /about
  • Add /streams page to list recent streams in reverse chronological order
  • Look for a way to embed our Guilded calendar into a page instead of just linking to the webapp
  • Add more links to the Socials panel
  • Change pages that display videos to NOT display the video if on mobile/tablet and only display a link to the video. This will cut down on the page width issues when non-resizable videos are present.
  • Confer with community about what else to add to the site
  • Change how clips are grabbed and inserted into database so it's smarter and grabs more at a time.
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