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Site Changelog 12/23/2020

Site Changelog 12/23/2020
  • Corrected issue with a navigation item set as a category being a subitem of itself.
  • Added per-page loading bar.
  • Added support chat. (that blue box in the bottom right of all pages)
  • Added tiltify statistics to /portfolio
    • separated out the functions that call the info to a separate file for security
    • tiltify statistics will update in realtime as we do more campaigns and total will update per new donation.
  • Changed all links to SEO friendly ❤
  • "shared" news items now directly link back to the single news item and not the main page
  • Added "voice acting experience" to /portfolio
  • Reset /clips template to be one line per clip. Still trying to figure out how to grab "latest" instead of "top" from twitch helix api
  • Added Guilded icon to socials panel. will be adding much more in the future
  • Changed Links page to separate categories
skpacman December 23 2020 109 Print