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I'm Moving! (again)

I'm Moving! (again)

As mentioned in the video above, there's many reasons why we're moving.

But before we get into the myriad of reasons, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported me, my family, and all of my content. You all make this worth doing. We've had many ups and downs, my channel has risen and fallen more times than I can count, and some of you have been with me for the ride since day 1, and I recognize and appreciate every single one of you, new or old.

Here's why we're moving:

Medical support for my daughter.
It's no secret that my family is full of special needs. My wife and I both have our own needs with depression, ADHD, anxiety disorder, and other medical issues. My oldest child is Autistic and has special needs for their vision. My middle child has his own issues with ADHD and eating disorder. But my daughter is partially deaf, has developmental delays, and needs help with literally everything daily. There is a specialized school for her to go to that will help with all of this. In Wyoming, we're not getting the support we need, but New York has specialists that are very near our new home that will be much better for her.

A safer place for my LGBTQIA+ family.
Despite Wyoming being called "The Equality State", it has proven to be one of the most hostile places I've ever lived for LGBTQIA+ peoples, especially BIPOC. It's a state run by Rich-White-Elderly-Christian-Extremist-Republican Cowboys. The only reason they're called "The Equality State" is they allowed Women to vote before any other state, not because they wanted to give Women rights, but because the population is so low they needed more voters to even be called a State. The area of upstate New York we're moving to is a much more open and supportive community where we won't live in fear of being harassed for being LGBTQIA+ so publicly. Our oldest child has endured the worst harassment and abuse in their middle school I have ever heard of. This NEEDS to change for their mental health.

Better schools.
While Wyoming does have some decent colleges, their public school system is far behind that I'm concerned that my children won't be properly prepared for the world beyond school if they stay here. The public schools, the school district's support system, and the colleges in upstate New York are ranked among the best in the country.

Cheaper cost of living.
Believe it or not, upstate New York is about 50% cheaper overall than living in a city in Wyoming. Our new house will cost less than 60% of what we're currently paying for a similar sized house. Food (other than beef products) are cheaper, and the utilities are on average about 30% cheaper than in Wyoming. We will be saving a lot of money living there and will actually be able to do things for ourselves and our family.

We weren't raised to be critical of our government, but the last decade or so has turned us into left leaning critical thinkers. Wyoming doesn't value individuality. Wyoming doesn't support public works. Wyoming doesn't support women's rights. Wyoming doesn't support marijuana legalization. Wyoming doesn't support abolishing DST. Wyoming doesn't support LGBTQIA+ peoples. It's not safe here for us in the state's current political landscape. I'm tired of living in Red states. We're moving somewhere more Blue.

Work opportunities.
I work from home. It doesn't matter where I live as long as I do my work and pay my taxes. Since I work from home, I get opportunities to work in and around my home community. I would rather expand our business out East and work with people in this area than be forced to work and live where we no longer feel welcome.

As far as content schedule goes:
I've cleared my calendar after the last week of June. I may have to end streams earlier depending on moving timing. After that last stream of the month, whenever that is, I won't be streaming, making videos, making tiktoks, or being active on social media much until we're settled in our new home and I get caught up on work. When I do return to making content, I don't know what schedule it'll be or where I'll be making content. It all depends on how moving and schedules change.

Again, thank you all so much for your support so far.

Since I started my online content creation journey, we've had 2 children, moved 2 times, and I've changed jobs 3 times. You've all stuck with me through it all, and I'm eternally grateful for your friendship and support.

See you on the other side.

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