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I'm going back to YouTube.

Over the past 5 years of making content, I've made many moves to try and find a home for my content. Time and again, I've been trying to find somewhere that feels like I actually belong and a platform that I want to support. I thought for the longest time that Twitch was the best place for me and my content. Yes, I made many friends and had some good memories, and I've been back-and-forth on staying there.

I want a platform that not only promotes growth, but fits with my personal core values.

Recently, the environment at Twitch has only gotten worse and I don't feel comfortable or safe streaming there. I don't feel comfortable asking my community to promote or support me on a platform that is damaging itself and its creators.

I am dedicated to find a place for my content. For now, that place is YouTube.

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skpacman August 31 2021 91 Print