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Site Changelog 3/16/2021

Site Changelog 3/16/2021
  • Changed backend OAuth to automatically grab a new key when the old one expires instead of me manually having to generate a new one every time the old one expires. This will make sure the site always has the latest info.
  • Removed a layer of the main content frame so it's not 3-deep.
  • Added some css to make the background blur behind the page content.
  • Changed the background engine to the "tsparticles" system which uses typescript as well as the usual settings of particles.js. This makes it load faster, and work better on mobile. More cool stuff coming for this.
  • Rebuilt the socials panel from the ground up. It's much easier to add new socials there now.
  • Removed the chatra live chat option. If people want to chat with me, they can hit up my discord.
  • Added redirects for glimesh, twitch, and discord.
    • glimesh.skpacman.live
    • twitch.skpacman.live
    • discord.skpacman.live
  • Rebuilt the Tiltify infograb on /portfolio to pull from my database and only update the page once every 24 hours. Reduces the strain on Tiltify's servers and makes the page load faster.
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