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Glimesh Launches 3/2/2021

Glimesh Launches 3/2/2021

If you've listened to the podcast or been around the channel at all over the last 6 months, you would have heard me talk about Glimesh.

It's a new streaming service that's in direct competition with Twitch, but feels (and looks) more like Beam when it got started. The service uses FTL instead of RTMP so stream delay between the streamer and viewer should be in the milliseconds, not 7-10 full seconds. There will be no proprietary streaming software like Caffeine (which is a good thing) but the site will be very limited in capability and likely will have issues on Day 1.

As for me? I'll be streaming there on days that aren't my usual M-W-F schedule on Twitch. If I like the site and software and the dev team keeps up with updates as they promised, then I'll consider switching my normal schedule over there, similar to how I did it on Mixer.

Lots of awesome and exciting things coming to the channel soon!

skpacman February 25 2021 1,387 Print