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About Me

My name is Steve, but you can call me by my online handle, "skpacman", or just "pac" for short like most of my friends do.

I am a streamer on YouTube who fosters a community based on building friendships and forwarding kindness. I'm also described as "Vulgarly Wholesome", whatever that's supposed to mean.

I've been streaming since 2017 but started on YouTube in 2016. I started making content for many reasons, but mostly to fill a gap where I saw creators weren't covering games I was interested in. From there, it blossomed from a hobbyist interest, into a community filled with wonderful people. Growth on my channels has been slow, but steady, and full of genuine, kind, and loyal individuals.

If you're interested in my achievements, charity efforts, and other channel data, feel free to look at my portfolio

We're a community full of fun-loving and kind people. Join the party by checking my Links!