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I'm going back to YouTube.

Published by skpacman 08/31/2021 in News

Over the past 5 years of making content, I've made many moves to try and find a home for my content. Time and again, I've been trying to find somewhere that feels like I actually belong and a platform that I want to support. I thought for the longest time that Twitch was the best place for me and my content. Yes, I made many friends and had some good memories, and I've been back-and-forth on staying there.

I want a platform that not only promotes growth, but fits with my personal core values.

Recently, the environment at Twitch has only gotten worse and I don't feel comfortable or safe streaming there. I don't feel comfortable asking my community to promote or support me on a platform that is damaging itself and its creators.

I am dedicated to find a place for my content. For now, that place is YouTube.

Subscribe and get notifications: http://youtube.co...

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Podcast Season 2 Ending at EP19

Published by skpacman 06/28/2021 in News

It's been a difficult time lately making time to produce podcast episodes. I used to have time to do this but trying to make episodes has become increasingly difficult in the recent months and instead of pushing through it and hurting more and more things around me doing it, I decided to cut it here. We may pick it back up in the future starting at EP20 for Season 3, but that will remain to be seen.

If I make any more decisions on the podcast and its future, I'll be posting about it on all applicable channels.

Episodes will still be available on all podcast stations and destinations and I'll be working on getting the remaining unpublished podcast episodes up on the YouTube channel.

Thank you to everyone who has co-hosted, supported, tipped, or just watched or listened to our episodes. You mean so much to us and I hope we're able to continue this in the future.


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Schedule Update!!

Published by skpacman 04/21/2021 in News

If you go to our channel calendar, you'll notice a few changes!

Here they are:

  • Friday, April 23rd - STREAM CANCELLED! I'll be on the road and unable to stream. We're taking a much needed trip to meet up with family.
  • Monday, May 3rd - Streamerversary! Let's celebrate 4 years of streaming on various platforms! This will NOT be a streamathon, subathon, or anything else that would be asking my community to give above and beyond than what they normally do, just a day to look back on the last 4 years of streaming and have some fun in the process!
  • Friday, June 11th - Creatorversary! Been online making content for 5 years as of this day. Let's look back on my humble beginnings on YouTube and play DnD with friendos!

As always, keep an eye on the calendar for any other changes.

Been thinking of taking a break from podcasting at some point. We'll talk about that more later, though.

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We're Sponsored!

Published by skpacman 04/06/2021 in Games

Hey, you see that green white graphic that says Powered By Nerd Nation IT?

Yep. We're officially sponsored!

I'll be making an official post with a full review of the PC and benchmarks as soon as I can!

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Site Changelog 3/16/2021

Published by skpacman 03/16/2021 in Software
  • Changed backend OAuth to automatically grab a new key when the old one expires instead of me manually having to generate a new one every time the old one expires. This will make sure the site always has the latest info.
  • Removed a layer of the main content frame so it's not 3-deep.
  • Added some css to make the background blur behind the page content.
  • Changed the background engine to the "tsparticles" system which uses typescript as well as the usual settings of particles.js. This makes it load faster, and work better on mobile. More cool stuff coming for this.
  • Rebuilt the socials panel from the ground up. It's much easier to add new socials there now.
  • Removed the chatra live chat option. If people want to chat with me, they can hit up my discord.
  • Added redirects for glimesh, twitch, and discord.
    • glimesh.skpacman.live
    • twitch.skpacman.live
    • discord.skpacman.live
  • Rebuilt the Tiltify infograb on /portfolio to pull from my database and only update the page once every 24 hours. Reduces the strain on Tiltify's servers and makes the page load faster.
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I started on TikTok!

Published by skpacman 03/12/2021 in Journal
After years of putting it off, thinking it was just an app for fads and people copying each other, and for sheep to follow trends, I finally started using my TikTok.

While there's a lot of garbage on there, there's also some good content to be had.

Follow me there and I'll be making more content soon :)
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