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I'm Moving! (again)

Published by skpacman 05/27/2022 in News

As mentioned in the video above, there's many reasons why we're moving.

But before we get into the myriad of reasons, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported me, my family, and all of my content. You all make this worth doing. We've had many ups and downs, my channel has risen and fallen more times than I can count, and some of you have been with me for the ride since day 1, and I recognize and appreciate every single one of you, new or old.

Here's why we're moving:

Medical support for my daughter.
It's no secret that my family is full of special needs. My wife and I both have our own needs with depression, ADHD, anxiety disorder, and other medical issues. My oldest child is Autistic and has special needs for their vision. My middle child has his own issues with ADHD and eating disorder. But my daughter is partially deaf, has developmental delays, and needs help with literally everything daily. There is a specialized school for her to go to that will help with all of this. In Wyoming, we're not getting the support we need, but New York has specialists that are very near our new home that will be much better for her.

A safer place for my LGBTQIA+ family.
Despite Wyoming being called "The Equality State", it has proven to be one of the most hostile places I've ever lived for LGBTQIA+ peoples, especially BIPOC. It's a state run by Rich-White-Elderly-Christian-Extremist-Republican Cowboys. The only reason they're called "The Equality State" is they allowed Women to vote before any other state, not because they wanted to give Women rights, but because the population is so low they needed more voters to even be called a State. The area of upstate New York we're moving to is a much more open and supportive community where we won't live in fear of being harassed for being LGBTQIA+ so publicly. Our oldest child has endured the worst harassment and abuse in their middle school I have ever heard of. This NEEDS to change for their mental health.

Better schools.
While Wyoming does have some decent colleges, their public school system is far behind that I'm concerned that my children won't be properly prepared for the world beyond school if they stay here. The public schools, the school district's support system, and the colleges in upstate New York are ranked among the best in the country.

Cheaper cost of living.
Believe it or not, upstate New York is about 50% cheaper overall than living in a city in Wyoming. Our new house will cost less than 60% of what we're currently paying for a similar sized house. Food (other than beef products) are cheaper, and the utilities are on average about 30% cheaper than in Wyoming. We will be saving a lot of money living there and will actually be able to do things for ourselves and our family.

We weren't raised to be critical of our government, but the last decade or so has turned us into left leaning critical thinkers. Wyoming doesn't value individuality. Wyoming doesn't support public works. Wyoming doesn't support women's rights. Wyoming doesn't support marijuana legalization. Wyoming doesn't support abolishing DST. Wyoming doesn't support LGBTQIA+ peoples. It's not safe here for us in the state's current political landscape. I'm tired of living in Red states. We're moving somewhere more Blue.

Work opportunities.
I work from home. It doesn't matter where I live as long as I do my work and pay my taxes. Since I work from home, I get opportunities to work in and around my home community. I would rather expand our business out East and work with people in this area than be forced to work and live where we no longer feel welcome.

As far as content schedule goes:
I've cleared my calendar after the last week of June. I may have to end streams earlier depending on moving timing. After that last stream of the month, whenever that is, I won't be streaming, making videos, making tiktoks, or being active on social media much until we're settled in our new home and I get caught up on work. When I do return to making content, I don't know what schedule it'll be or where I'll be making content. It all depends on how moving and schedules change.

Again, thank you all so much for your support so far.

Since I started my online content creation journey, we've had 2 children, moved 2 times, and I've changed jobs 3 times. You've all stuck with me through it all, and I'm eternally grateful for your friendship and support.

See you on the other side.

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Rededicating myself to what works.

Published by skpacman 01/16/2022 in News
Over the past 6 years of being a content creator, I've made several moves, leaps, and shuffles back-and-forth between content styles, sites, and genres. Redefining myself over and over until I lost sight of what I started doing this for. As of January 2022, I have refocused my efforts to where I have the greatest impact and what best matches my availability and beliefs.

So, here's the rundown:
  • I have re-entered the Twitch Affiliate contract and Twitch is where my main content will be. My schedule will remain M/W/F at 9pm Mountain Time (11pm EST).
  • I will be taking my Twitch VODs and uploading them unedited to a playlist on my YouTube channel.
  • If a game streamed on Twitch would make a suitable proper series on YouTube, I'll be editing the streams into episodes/parts for a series.
  • The rest of YouTube will be clips, funnies, and exclusive YT content (sponsorships, pre-release content, recorded content, shorts, skits, and funnies)
  • TikTok will be the same shorts uploaded to YT and my own personal brand of messing around.

If you'd like to support me in this re-dedication of my efforts into my channels, feel free to go to the Support Me page, show up to streams, share my social content, or hang out on the discord.

Luv ur faces.

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We're Sponsored!

Published by skpacman 04/06/2021 in Games

Hey, you see that green white graphic that says Powered By Nerd Nation IT?

Yep. We're officially sponsored!

I'll be making an official post with a full review of the PC and benchmarks as soon as I can!

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Site Changelog 3/16/2021

Published by skpacman 03/16/2021 in Software
  • Changed backend OAuth to automatically grab a new key when the old one expires instead of me manually having to generate a new one every time the old one expires. This will make sure the site always has the latest info.
  • Removed a layer of the main content frame so it's not 3-deep.
  • Added some css to make the background blur behind the page content.
  • Changed the background engine to the "tsparticles" system which uses typescript as well as the usual settings of particles.js. This makes it load faster, and work better on mobile. More cool stuff coming for this.
  • Rebuilt the socials panel from the ground up. It's much easier to add new socials there now.
  • Removed the chatra live chat option. If people want to chat with me, they can hit up my discord.
  • Added redirects for glimesh, twitch, and discord.
    • glimesh.skpacman.live
    • twitch.skpacman.live
    • discord.skpacman.live
  • Rebuilt the Tiltify infograb on /portfolio to pull from my database and only update the page once every 24 hours. Reduces the strain on Tiltify's servers and makes the page load faster.
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I started on TikTok!

Published by skpacman 03/12/2021 in Journal
After years of putting it off, thinking it was just an app for fads and people copying each other, and for sheep to follow trends, I finally started using my TikTok.

While there's a lot of garbage on there, there's also some good content to be had.

Follow me there and I'll be making more content soon :)
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Glimesh Launch Day Review

Published by skpacman 03/03/2021 in Software

An honest review of Launch Day for Glimesh:

To say "The hype is real" would be an immense understatement. The hype was unimaginable and the Glimesh community was surging and powerful. But, for some, there was nothing but frustration and confusion.

While the Dev team had their hands full figuring out FTL implementation issues on their servers and ramping up server capacity to handle the torrent of streams pouring in to try out the service, some of the streamers were left high and dry while others had absolutely no issues.

My personal experience trying to stream to Glimesh on launch day was frustrating at best. The 3rd party patcher that they had made that added their service to the list of services available in SLOBS and OBS Studio at first made my OBS Studio unable to launch. After a reboot then a subsequent reinstall of OBS then re-run the patch, then did it work and was able to connect. Not stream, mind you. Just connect. My audio would come through fine, but the video was spotty and only a few frames made it through their ingest servers at a time. Double checked my settings against their suggested settings, and everything lined up. Turned out, after over an hour of testing combinations of destination server vs NVENC settings, did I come across an epiphany that sent me down a rabbit hole that produced an actual watchable stream.

Trust me, I get it. Launch day woes. They weren't prepared for the horde of streamers that were sledgehammering their ingest servers.

Aside from my personal experience, there's other things to say about the service. The site reminds me of Beam when it first started out. Clunky in some places, sleek af in others. Like if Beam and Vidme had a streaming baby with slick visuals. Same launch issues, though, but still better than dealing with the ilk on twitch some other platforms.

I genuinely believe Glimesh has the structure, dev team, and dedication of some really talented people to make it a worthy successor to Beam, but hopefully they don't fall into the same trap that Beam did when Microsoft stepped in. Let's be clear, I would love to see a huge company come in, scoop them up, and treat them right. Turn it into an overnight success and send the execs at Twitch running with their tail between their legs. Lets hope, for the sake of us all still searching for a streaming site to call "home", that they continue to do right by us and make it a platform we all can be proud of.

All that said, I won't be streaming there until all of their ingest server issues have been worked out. Yes, I know being a founding streamer on any platform affords you some inherent viewership and accelerated growth due to how early you were, but I'm going to forego the selfish endeavor of weighing down their servers just for my own channel's sake.

This isn't the last you've heard of Glimesh. Mark my words.

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