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2021 Streaming Goals

Published by skpacman 01/08/2021 in Journal

So, as a hard-and-fast rule of the last 4 years of streaming, I had never EVER made any concrete goals for my channel because I kinda just wanted to let it flow and do whatever it was going to do, good or bad.

This year? Time to put on my big boy panties and make some goals.

My 2021 Streaming Goals!:

  • Double-digit CCV (10+)
  • 10+ Sub Points
  • First paid sponsor
  • 80%+ on-time consistency
  • Complete games I had started and agreed to finish.
  • Celebrate my Streamerversary (Will nail down a date later)
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Site Changelog 1/7/2021

Published by skpacman 01/07/2021 in Software

Man, what a busy couple of weeks!

I've been busy in my downtime (what little I get) working on some backend stuff for the site and OH BOY do I got some big stuff done!

  • Twitch statistics on /portfolio are now aggregated from SullyGnome and stored in my local database every 24 hours. The text you see there is pulled from the database instead of hammering on SullyGnome's private API.
  • Removed YouTube Statistics panel from /portfolio until I find a nice way to pull some kind of statistics. I'll also add other video platforms I'm active/inactive on.
  • Twitch Clips /clips page is now LIVE and is in a workable state. This took several days of work, but I now have a working system that pulls clips every time anyone access the page and once every 24 hours. What's displayed is the last 5 most recent clips made from my viewers, pulled from my database.
  • YouTube Videos now has its own page on /videos where the last 5 videos are shown in reverse chronological order. I may add pagination to this later at some point.
  • New menu item named Media is where the above two pages will live. This is just to keep my menu clean. I may add a "Recent Streams" page there in the future as well.
To Do:
  • Add a decent looking headshot to /about
  • Add /streams page to list recent streams in reverse chronological order
  • Look for a way to embed our Guilded calendar into a page instead of just linking to the webapp
  • Add more links to the Socials panel
  • Change pages that display videos to NOT display the video if on mobile/tablet and only display a link to the video. This will cut down on the page width issues when non-resizable videos are present.
  • Confer with community about what else to add to the site
  • Change how clips are grabbed and inserted into database so it's smarter and grabs more at a time.
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Site Changelog 12/23/2020

Published by skpacman 12/23/2020 in Software
  • Corrected issue with a navigation item set as a category being a subitem of itself.
  • Added per-page loading bar.
  • Added support chat. (that blue box in the bottom right of all pages)
  • Added tiltify statistics to /portfolio
    • separated out the functions that call the info to a separate file for security
    • tiltify statistics will update in realtime as we do more campaigns and total will update per new donation.
  • Changed all links to SEO friendly ❤
  • "shared" news items now directly link back to the single news item and not the main page
  • Added "voice acting experience" to /portfolio
  • Reset /clips template to be one line per clip. Still trying to figure out how to grab "latest" instead of "top" from twitch helix api
  • Added Guilded icon to socials panel. will be adding much more in the future
  • Changed Links page to separate categories
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A few updates on the calendar!

Published by skpacman 12/22/2020 in News
There's a few things that have been updated on the calendar!
  • Our Dungeons and Dragons group has decided to go on a temporary hiatus and will resume January 22nd
  • New milestones for my charity effort are now up on the calendar event (the huge red bar on the page)
  • January 8th I'll be guest hosting on Before You Log Off!
  • AND due to holidays and personal schedules of the people I usually stream with, all streams are subject to change until things are back to normal!
Thanks for being awesome and have a safe and fun holiday!
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My favorite Christmas music!

Published by skpacman 12/18/2020 in Journal
Tis' the season!
Cheer, mirth, and merriment!
But what about music?
I'm a sucker for ye olde Christmas music like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, and Elvis, but sometimes I just want to chill with some not-so-old (modern) Christmas music.
Here's my two go-to albums on Spotify to chill to for non-traditional Christmas music:
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Now on Cloudflare!

Published by skpacman 12/17/2020 in Journal

I've started routing the site through Cloudflare to speed up loading and stuff.
I've added a few things!

  • On the far left you'll see some social icons! Click on one to share whatever page you're on to whatever site you want!
  • If you select any text, a "Tweet" button will show up around it! You can select text to tweet and it'll tag me automatically!
  • Added a GDPR-compliant banner. It'll only show once unless you clear your cache.
  • Started tracking users using Plausible.
  • Updated the news so it looks better.
  • Changed the "Fan Funding" page to a "Support Me" page and started adding links.
More stuff coming soon 😎
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