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Glimesh Launch Day Review

Published by skpacman 03/03/2021 in Software

An honest review of Launch Day for Glimesh:

To say "The hype is real" would be an immense understatement. The hype was unimaginable and the Glimesh community was surging and powerful. But, for some, there was nothing but frustration and confusion.

While the Dev team had their hands full figuring out FTL implementation issues on their servers and ramping up server capacity to handle the torrent of streams pouring in to try out the service, some of the streamers were left high and dry while others had absolutely no issues.

My personal experience trying to stream to Glimesh on launch day was frustrating at best. The 3rd party patcher that they had made that added their service to the list of services available in SLOBS and OBS Studio at first made my OBS Studio unable to launch. After a reboot then a subsequent reinstall of OBS then re-run the patch, then did it work and was able to connect. Not stream, mind you. Just connect. My audio would come through fine, but the video was spotty and only a few frames made it through their ingest servers at a time. Double checked my settings against their suggested settings, and everything lined up. Turned out, after over an hour of testing combinations of destination server vs NVENC settings, did I come across an epiphany that sent me down a rabbit hole that produced an actual watchable stream.

Trust me, I get it. Launch day woes. They weren't prepared for the horde of streamers that were sledgehammering their ingest servers.

Aside from my personal experience, there's other things to say about the service. The site reminds me of Beam when it first started out. Clunky in some places, sleek af in others. Like if Beam and Vidme had a streaming baby with slick visuals. Same launch issues, though, but still better than dealing with the ilk on twitch some other platforms.

I genuinely believe Glimesh has the structure, dev team, and dedication of some really talented people to make it a worthy successor to Beam, but hopefully they don't fall into the same trap that Beam did when Microsoft stepped in. Let's be clear, I would love to see a huge company come in, scoop them up, and treat them right. Turn it into an overnight success and send the execs at Twitch running with their tail between their legs. Lets hope, for the sake of us all still searching for a streaming site to call "home", that they continue to do right by us and make it a platform we all can be proud of.

All that said, I won't be streaming there until all of their ingest server issues have been worked out. Yes, I know being a founding streamer on any platform affords you some inherent viewership and accelerated growth due to how early you were, but I'm going to forego the selfish endeavor of weighing down their servers just for my own channel's sake.

This isn't the last you've heard of Glimesh. Mark my words.

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Glimesh Launches 3/2/2021

Published by skpacman 02/25/2021 in News

If you've listened to the podcast or been around the channel at all over the last 6 months, you would have heard me talk about Glimesh.

It's a new streaming service that's in direct competition with Twitch, but feels (and looks) more like Beam when it got started. The service uses FTL instead of RTMP so stream delay between the streamer and viewer should be in the milliseconds, not 7-10 full seconds. There will be no proprietary streaming software like Caffeine (which is a good thing) but the site will be very limited in capability and likely will have issues on Day 1.

As for me? I'll be streaming there on days that aren't my usual M-W-F schedule on Twitch. If I like the site and software and the dev team keeps up with updates as they promised, then I'll consider switching my normal schedule over there, similar to how I did it on Mixer.

Lots of awesome and exciting things coming to the channel soon!

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Nintendo Direct 2021

Published by skpacman 02/17/2021 in Games

Nintendo Direct 2021 begins 2.17.2021 at 2pm PT (5pm ET)Watch below!

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Site Updated to 9.03.100!

Published by skpacman 02/02/2021 in PHP-Fusion
Our friends over at PHP-Fusion released a security update for our software. I've updated the site and re-applied my heavily customized stuff, but if there's anything missing, moved, or wrong, use the Contact Me page, or you can live chat with me using the blue button in the top right of any page!

Thank you for your patience while we upgraded!
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2021 Streaming Goals

Published by skpacman 01/08/2021 in Journal

So, as a hard-and-fast rule of the last 4 years of streaming, I had never EVER made any concrete goals for my channel because I kinda just wanted to let it flow and do whatever it was going to do, good or bad.

This year? Time to put on my big boy panties and make some goals.

My 2021 Streaming Goals!:

  • Double-digit CCV (10+)
  • 10+ Sub Points
  • First paid sponsor
  • 80%+ on-time consistency
  • Complete games I had started and agreed to finish.
  • Celebrate my Streamerversary (Will nail down a date later)
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Site Changelog 1/7/2021

Published by skpacman 01/07/2021 in Software

Man, what a busy couple of weeks!

I've been busy in my downtime (what little I get) working on some backend stuff for the site and OH BOY do I got some big stuff done!

  • Twitch statistics on /portfolio are now aggregated from SullyGnome and stored in my local database every 24 hours. The text you see there is pulled from the database instead of hammering on SullyGnome's private API.
  • Removed YouTube Statistics panel from /portfolio until I find a nice way to pull some kind of statistics. I'll also add other video platforms I'm active/inactive on.
  • Twitch Clips /clips page is now LIVE and is in a workable state. This took several days of work, but I now have a working system that pulls clips every time anyone access the page and once every 24 hours. What's displayed is the last 5 most recent clips made from my viewers, pulled from my database.
  • YouTube Videos now has its own page on /videos where the last 5 videos are shown in reverse chronological order. I may add pagination to this later at some point.
  • New menu item named Media is where the above two pages will live. This is just to keep my menu clean. I may add a "Recent Streams" page there in the future as well.
To Do:
  • Add a decent looking headshot to /about
  • Add /streams page to list recent streams in reverse chronological order
  • Look for a way to embed our Guilded calendar into a page instead of just linking to the webapp
  • Add more links to the Socials panel
  • Change pages that display videos to NOT display the video if on mobile/tablet and only display a link to the video. This will cut down on the page width issues when non-resizable videos are present.
  • Confer with community about what else to add to the site
  • Change how clips are grabbed and inserted into database so it's smarter and grabs more at a time.
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